We used to see issues with the FC to SCSI bridges themselves and
rebooting them often helped.   (This was with our STK L700).  Be sure to
boot them with the drives up so they see them on boot up.   We used to
do what we called a "dog an pony" reset when things got really screwy:
1)  Stop NetBackup
2)  Soft boot the FC to SCSI devices.
3)  After that completed rebooted the robot.
4)  After that completed rebooted the master server (the one with the
robotic control).

Note that we found issues doing hard boots on the FC to SCSI devices.
Sometimes we had to do that but if we did we always had to follow it
with a soft boot to re-establish things properly for reasons we couldn't
figure out.   Not sure what model of bridges you have and whether this
would apply to them.

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I used to have a similar configuration, try rebooting your adapter/NSR 
device or login and look at the errors/syslog.


On Thu, 30 Jun 2011, xiekai wrote:

> Hi  I have an old StorageTek L80 that has 4 LTO3 drives, they are SCSI
but the library also have a SCSI to FC bridge router, it is connected to
my master/media server via SAN fabric. Couple of days agao, all of
sudden I can't see the LTO3 drives anymore, the host only sees the
library (san surfer shows the same thing).  Are there any settings in
the QLogic card that is making the tape drives disappear?
> Thanks
> Kai
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