Details on implementation

Media Server is Windows 2008 R2 SP1 (2 paths)
VMware is ESXi 4.0 Ent Plus (4 paths - 3 LUNs)
Dell-EMC Clariion iSCSI (8 paths)
Redundant private iSCSI switches

Media Servers storage was initially set for iSCSI, but this was changed to DAS 
(iSCSI not supported for media server dedup).

My question is do I need MPIO?

Media Server has 2 paths to the iSCSI switches.  Navisphere Agent is installed 
and Clariion sees the MS and 3 LUNs are presented.

Problem is every time I'm prompted about initializing 9 discs.  We don't have 
MPIO set nor PowerPath.  In fact, we were told Powerpath would conflict with 
our DAS.

So, I need to set up MPIO or is there a way to disable the prompt to initialize 
these discs.  I'm still trying to figure out why I have 9 discs to be 
initialized when the SAN only has 8 paths.

iSCSI initiator shows 8 discovered targets, all connected.

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