Someone replied off list asking me a couple of questions because they are 
planning to do this.   My system had issues and the message accidentally got 

Answers to the questions as I recall them:
1)       Did we remove the old master from the network?
No.  We removed it from bp.conf of our other servers (media and clients) as we 
migrated each and did not put the entry for new master in old master's bp.conf 
at all.   However we can still  use ssh to get from old environment to new one 
and vice-versa.   New environment simply doesn't have old master as a server or 
a client.   (What I'm doing now that prompted my response is the tail end where 
we are going to convert old master to a media server.)

2)       Were we able to copy policies from HP-UX master to new Linux master?
Yes.   In fact we did this as we upgraded each client to the newer software so 
did the copies one at a time.   The key takeaway is that you can copy all of a 
policy but you can not copy just parts of it or edit it in anyway as it keeps 
an internal checksum of some sort.   The policies are subdirectories of 
/usr/openv/netbackup/db/class.   Copying one of these policy subdirectories 
across works fine.
I did notice after the fact that some of those policies would later say I'd 
made changes in the NBU Activity Monitor when I was checking details so would 
force me to resave there even if I'd made no changes - you may want to go ahead 
and do that after the copy.

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Sent: Friday, October 21, 2011 12:13 PM
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Redeploying an old 6.5 Master as a 7.1 Media Server

Several months ago we built a new 7.1 master server on Linux.

We left our old 6.5 HP-UX Master running to let images expire and do vaulting 
reports to call old tapes from off site as they expired.

We do NOT need to migrate any images so I am not asking about catalog or 

What I want to do now is to redeploy the old master as a media server.

My thinking is that I need to completely remove the 6.5 install from old master 
as detailed in the 6.5 installation guide:

Then install as a 7.1 media server from scratch.

My questions are:
1)       There is discussion about PBX in the uninstall - Do I need to do this 
and reinstall PBX from the 7.1 stuff or can I use what is already there?
2)       Licenses - I'm assuming I can use the same licenses as I previously 
had even though this will now be a media server rather than a master:
A)      Is this the case or will I need to get new licenses?
B)      Do I need to do anything to preserve licenses?  (e.g. save something in 

Again I am NOT trying to migrate to a new master - please do NOT respond about 
saving catalog, migrating catalog/master or needing Symantec Professional 
services.   The new master is already in place.

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