I was under the impression you had to use the SAME hostname if you want to 
restore the catalog and avoid re-import "without using Symantec Professional 
Services".  I don't see that DR plan vs. any other would work for this but 
didn't review the link you sent.   When I asked about new hostname last year 
nearly everyone responded that it couldn't be done (without PS being involved).

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Move a robot to a new location, using new master and media servers and
different hostnames and continue backing up once the robot is attached to
the new master and media servers at the new site, leaving existing data
untouched and available for restore.

Need to move a robot and its tapes to a different building, under a new
master + media servers using different hostnames than the original.

Do not want to have to re-import all of the tapes manually to the new
master+media server environment.

Possible solution: Disaster recovery using partial catalog recovery in

Has anyone verified this document to work with NBU 7.1 in terms of moving a
robot as I have suggested above?
I have opened a case with Symantec and they stated it should work but was
looking for some re-assurance ahead of time/before testing and going further
down this route.


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