All is true but I wouldn't say it's something NBU was not designed to do.  It 
was made difficult for a reason rather than easy due to the nature of the 
outcome e.g. Archiving.  This is very common practice for DBA's.  Yes, this all 
needs to be scripted, blat etc. and you will need admins to help if you don't 
have access to the local systems. 


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On Mar 8, 2012, at 10:28 PM, David Rock <> wrote:

> * Dennis Peacock <> [2012-03-08 07:14]:
>> Patrick,
>> I'm not a windows guy, so I'm trying to see what I can do without
>> having to find someone that can write a "windows script" to do this.
>> What I'd prefer to be done is for me to setup a backup policy in NBU
>> that is an Archive type policy. Point that policy to
>> D:\Archive_Data\LZ and schedule the backup to run every night at 22:00
>> hours. When the backup finishes successfully, it would remove the
>> files and then run the bpflist or whatever to generate a list of what
>> was backed up and email that to the customer.
>> That's what I'd prefer to do, but I'm lacking in knowledge in this
>> windows stuff as I've been living in the Unix/Linux world for over 30
>> years.  [Wink]
> Well, 
> First of all, there is no such thing as an "Archive" Policy type.  The
> closest thing you would have is a Policy type of "MS-Windows" with a
> schedule type of "User Archive".  Archives are designed to be User
> initiated, not Scheduled from the Master Server.
> As for notifications, especially because of the nature of Archives, that
> is something that is going to pretty much _have_ to be a Windows script
> on the client system.  You would have the logic in the clientside script
> to manage all of that.  There are a couple likely issues:
> 1. The Windows server doesn't have an MTA to send email with (typically
> there is no sendmail or equivalent on Windows, so that would need to be
> added)
> 2. It's pretty much guaranteed that this won't be something that will be
> managed by you, it will be the Windows admins (although you would be
> responsible for making the User Archive schedule available to them).
> You _might_ be able to come up with some insane scheme like using a
> scheduled backup that touches the client system, causes the clientside
> script to run, and then uses bpend_notify once it's done to do all the
> other heavy lifting.  That still won't get you away from Windows
> scripting.
> Basically, what you are trying to do is something that NBU is not meant
> to do.  The expected behavior for Archives is that they are managed by
> the client admin, not the backup admin.  Archive jobs get a filelist
> from the user, run the archive, and delete the files when they are done,
> so the user would already know what files were archived because they
> would have supplied the list to the command in the first place.
> You would, at least, be able to query the backup info from the master
> the following day and report what was backed up, but that's about it.
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