Doesn't sound like a netbackup issue
Sounds like a host configuration issue - maybe dns

Are you returning even when you have any entry in your local hosts?
The system could be configured not to look at hosts

Can you resolve forward and reverse lookup when using nslookup?

Tal Shekel

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Sent: 15 March 2012 20:39
Subject: [Veritas-bu] cold catalog recovery

We are trying to upgrade our NBU hardware and OS and are running into some 
issues that seem related to doing a cold catalog recovery and name resolution.

Current setup:

Windows 2003 x86 SP2

NBU 6.5.6

New setup:

Windows 2008 x64 SP2

NBU 6.5.6

Current server and new server are configured with the same name and ip address.


We can do a cold catalog backup and restore just fine but have a serious issue 
in the end.  After both successes if we open the Activity Monitor we get an 
error - "Not connected, check if services are up."

All service are up.

bpjobsd log shows

<2> job_connect: Can't connect automatically to client pbcobk01 status = 25 err 
= 10061

<2> job_connect: Can't connect to client pbcobk01

<16> main: Can't connect to pbcobk01 (46)

We did a complete system rebuild, installed NBU 6.5.6, and configured to write 
to disk.  Test backup ran and Activity Monitor worked fine.  Did the catalog 
recovery and the issue came back.

I did some bpclntcmd tests and they all come back with the correct name but the 
IP shows as  I added the hostname and real IP to the hosts file with 
no luck.

I tried the following tests:

bpclntcmd -pn = correct short name with

bpclntcmd -self = correct short name with

bpclntcmd -hn pbcobk01 = correct short name with

bpclntcmd -ip = correct host and for ip address

If I do these test on the current server they come back with the actual IP of 
the system.


Joe Infantino

MCP, MCSA, Security+, ITILv3

Senior Systems Analyst

Security and Server Operations

Intersil Corporation


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