What does windows report for the tape driver in device manager.
In the past veritas supplied their own tape drivers, but I believe that they 
are moving away from that.
I am not sure if Quantum supplies a driver for their library.
But it may be a driver issue.
If everything is ok with the driver, you might try a reboot of the system to 
see if that improves things.

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Netbackup 7.1
Windows 2008 R2
Qlogic QLE2460 HBAs
Quantum i6000 Tape Library with (HP) Ultrium5 and Ultrium 3 drives.

I’m a UNIX admin so don’t really know my way around windows well.   The HBAs 
show up in Windows but no drives beneath them.   The HBAs show up in Qlogic’s 
SANSurfer and I see “type” as “disk” for the library and it doesn’t seem to 
have a place to change “type”.   In SANSurfer I do see LUNs for each of the 
tape drives.    After doing some research I used SANSurfer to turn on 
persistent binding and rebooted but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

When I go into NBU console and try to create storage units it shows me the TLD0 
but has it in red so presumably there is a problem.  If I try to go ahead and 
configure it it says:
“The device is not supported by the volumes wizard at this time”.

Are library is partitioned so that all but 1 of the drives is one partition and 
that 1 drive (an Ultrium 3) is in the other partition.   In the Windows devices 
I see the Ultrium 3 as a tape drive and the NBU storage units show that as 
well.   The windows devices do not show the drives from the other partitions.

I do have the SSO and Tape Drives options licensed on the server.   All the 
appropriate NBU services seem to be running.

If I try to setup storage unit in the NBU GUI for disk storage (for our 
attached dedupe appliances it shows this media server but when I tell it to use 
the tape it doesn’t show it.

Any ideas?

Jeffrey C. Lightner
Sr. UNIX Administrator

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