I have many 5x20 appliances deployed and it is pretty rock solid. The
replication feature is great and we have done some remote Master
recoveries. We are still ramping up, but so far so good.

Jerry's comment about Symantec focusing on the appliances is correct. With
the little detail you provided, I would suspect the issues you are seeing
may be more related to your hardware and configuration than the software

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I have one PureDisk server at 6.6.3a + some-fix-I-can't-remember.  Seems
pretty solid here.  Of course the only reason we set up a server rather
than buy one of the 50x0 appliances was that at the time, they weren't
available in the country where we wanted to deploy it.  It's a target for
opt-dup from a remote site plus client-side dedupe backups from the local
site.  No real problems except for the time one of the security
certificates expired and wasn't automatically regenerated.
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