Vault doesn't care what copy it is. To make sure that it's what you want
and not other data mixed in, setup a different volume pool for these
backups to go to. Then setup an eject step that pulls from this pool only
and that should take care of it.


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> I have a requirement where a remote division of ours is replicating a
> Windows file server to our location via DFS.  We are backing up that server
> already, but wish to do special backups in order to satisfy some ISO
> compliance guidelines.  I want to send these copies offisite at their given
> intervals (weekly, monthly, annually).  If I create a vault, I assume it is
> going to want to duplicate these copies, which is what I don't want.  Is
> there any way to vault the primary copies when it comes time to send them
> offsite?
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