While you can push updates from the master in most cases, but as you say only 
of the version on the Master, you can always install the software locally.  So 
all you need is the package for the correct Linux clients (_R or _S whether 
RedHat or SuSe etc).  You can unpack it and then run the update locally.  We 
use /var/tmp and create a directory there to work in.  Same with any options 
installed on the Client, like Oracle agents.


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Subject: [Veritas-bu] NetBackup 6.5.6 client update script

Environment: NetBackup on Linux.

I have some 32-bit Linux machines that need to be backed up.  I still have the 
6.5 installation CDs, so that's not a problem.  But I'd like to install the 
6.5.6 update to be consistent with my other clients.  As near as I can tell, 
the scripts supplied with the 6.5.6 update expect to be run from the master 
server, and they expect the master to be running 6.5.6.

Does anyone know how to run the 6.5.6 update scripts in a 7.5 environment?  
Ideally, I'd like to run the install locally on the client and not have to 
bother with the master server...

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