I really need some help or advice here, as I am struggling to understand the 

We have no specific barcode rules setup, just using <DEFAULT>

For 4 years, we have been running trouble free, ordering tapes and labels.
This week, we received an error loading blank tapes.

NetBackup reports that the Media ID is not unique in the Database (34).
Checking the Barcode's they are different. The current one in the library and 
known to NetBackup is W998L4 and the actual Barcode is GJW998L4.

But the tapes I am trying to import into the library have the same Media ID 
W998L4, yet the Barcode is LXW998L4.

The problem is, majority of the tapes in the library are W9xxL4 and the pack of 
labels is the same!

Has anyone seen this before? I searched the Web, found some technotes, but 
these tapes are brand new, never been in any other environment, and the labels 
are also brand new unique.

Appreciate any helpful advise.

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