bpimagelist -l -backupid <BID>

What are the fields in 'bpimagelist -l'?
IMAGE client_name, date1, date2, version, backupid, policy_name, client_type, 
proxy_client, creator, sched_label, sched_type, retention, backup_time, 
elapsed, expiration, compression, encryption, kbytes, num_files, copies, 
num_fragments, files_compressed, files_file, version, name1, options, primary, 
image_type, tir_info, tir_expiration, keywords, mpx, ext_security, raw, 
dump_lvl, fs_only, prev_BItime, BIfull_time, obj_desc, requestID, backup_stat, 
backup_copy, prev_image, jobid, num_resumes, resume_expr, ff_size, pfi_type, 
image_attrib[, ss_classification_id, ss_name, ss_completed, snap_time]
(field 6 is backup id, field 13 is retention level, field 16 is expiration, 
field 19 is kbytes, field 21 is number of copies, field 28 is primary copy 
HISTO -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1
FRAG copy_num, frag_num, KB, remainder, media_type, density, file_num, id/path, 
host, block_size, offset, media_date, dev_written, f_flags, 
media_desc/f_unused1, expiration, mpx, ret_level, checkpoint, resume_nbr, 
media_seq_no, media_subtype/unused4, ss_try_to_keep_date/unused3, 
copy_date/unused2, unused1
(field 17 is the copy expiration, field 19 is the copy retention level.)

Subject: [Veritas-bu] Trying to find what tapes an image is on.

Our environment, HP-UX 11-31 currently running one master / media server on 
NetBackup 6.5.6
I have the image name from a backup.  Is there a command that I can use the 
image name as input and find out all the copies and what the tape bar codes are 
that the image is on?

Thanks in advanceā€¦

Wayne BeDour
Unix System Administrator
PH: 248-447-1739
Internet: wbed...@lear.com

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