Another option is to just print your own barcode labels. 

I use GNU barcode to generate the labels, as described here:

It says "LTO" but I'm 99% sure that DLT uses the same labeling. 

I ended up with the following command.  The command is all one line, but i've commented each line here:

# encoding #39 is a barcode standard
-e 39
# inches
-u in
# geometry width x height +/- xmargin +/- ymargin (size of each label)
-g 2.5x0.625 
# table geometry columns x lines + leftmargin + bottommargin -rightmargin -topmargin
-t 1x15+.25+0.5-4.35-0.5
# margin between cells in the table
-m .1
# page size
-p 8x11
# no checksum character, for codes which allow it (such as #39)

The list of label text needs to be the LABELNAMEFILE, just one per line like this:

The label size i chose is a bit too small.  2.75x0.625 or maybe even 3x0.625 would  be better.  Looks like the original link used 3x0.625.  I know I made it smaller on purpose, so experiment with plain paper and check the size before you print a bunch of labels. 

It doesn't like blank lines in the LABELNAME file.

I  print on full-sheet sticky labels and cut them up.    The link above shows a particular label that works, but i was in a hurry and this is what I had. 
October 10, 2013 9:41 AM
Hi, whilst the barcodes are 8 characters long, NetBackup uses just 6 characters as its media ID. So tape GJW998L4 has a media id of W998L4 and tape LXW998L4 will also have the media id of W998L4. When you inventory a robot, via the advanced options you can create Media ID generation rules. You should define that barcodes are 8 characters, and that you will use the first 6 characters from the left hand side, e.g GJW998L4 would have id GJW998 and LXW998L4 would have LXW998 which would be unique.

The problem with implemeting a rule after media has been used if that the media id is also written to the tape, if you implement the rule the media id read from the library will not match what is on the tape. So you need to be careful just implementing rules on the fly.

There are TECH docs on the Symantec website that detail changing the lable on media.

Hope this helps (hope this makes sence).
Cheers James

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