Yes, you need one “library drive” license  and one SSO license per drive. 

You need to install these license’s serial numbers to all media servers.


And Yes, Enterprise client license give you the ability to install local media 
server at the oracle system and backup the oracle with RMAN directly to tapes, 
assuming that you have the database license.




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machine for RMAN?




My experience is I’ve had to install the SSO license on media servers any time 
I setup the tape library.    Are you saying we only have to pay for it once no 
matter how often it is installed?  


The machine is standalone with no RAC.   Enterprise client is correct.   My 
question isn’t whether I can backup “generally” from an Enterprise client but 
rather whether I can specifically Enterprise client as the “media server” for 
RMAN on the same host.   That is use the Oracle type backup for a live DB with 
RMAN rather than a type “standard” backup as we would for a quiesced DB on 
which we were just backing up the filesystem directly.    We do the latter all 
the time but this would be first time we’re attempting the former.




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machine for RMAN?



You can install and use  media server at the server with the oracle database. 
This is something common.

For the licenses you need:


Enterprise client (media server option that back up only himself)

SSO license (if you will use shared drives). You do not need SSO if you already 
share the drive(s) with other systems. The SSO license goes with the drive, not 
the server.

Database license for the oracle database. If you already have, its ok.


Is the oracle server a standalone server, cluster or RAC ?


Please pay attention that if you are using inline copy (two copies at the time 
of backup), both copies must use the same media server (the oracle server).  In 
order to do that the deduplication hashing will be performed at the oracle 





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