There are other devices on the SAN Switch, but our SAN Admin see no high usage 
or no excessive dropouts or issues when doing backups to the media server 

The Library is in a different location as well – So it has 2 hops to go through 
via the SAN, but as I mention, from the Media Server itself, backup seems to be 
running very well.

Just so odd!
Will see what HP have to say now.

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Hello Simon

How is the performance if you run backup of the media server it self to the new 
library ?

Thinking if that is poor the problem is between the media server and ESL library

Anything to see on SAN switch ?

If both LTO4 and LTO5 is connected trough the same HBAs, you can have situation 
where the LTO4 is taking up all the fiber bandwidth at concurrent backup to 


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Den 19/11/2013 kl. 16.06 skrev Simon Weaver 
I am referring to doing a backup over the Local Area Network to either the LTO4 
or LTO5 drive via a Media Server.

The only thing SAN Attached is the Media Server to the LTO4 and LTO5 library.

One client is in the same room as the Media Server and backups to the LTO5 is 
bad. Yet going through all the diagnostics on the HP ESL show nothing.
For now, I have reverted back to the LTO4, where speeds are great!

But it makes ZERO sense. I do feel it is comms related, but it is trying to 
prove that.
 on behalf of Rusty Major 
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Simon Weaver
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I assume he means a normal backup over the network, versus a FT or SAN Media 
Server backup.

I would suggest looking at the drive it was using and seeing if there is 
something wrong there. Maybe shut that one down to see if it has an issue.

On Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 8:00 AM, Patrick Whelan 
<<>> wrote:
You’ve lost me. What do you mean by over the LAN? What is difference between 
the two policies?

Many regards,

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Feel like my second home at the mo....
I have a crazy situation here, so wonder if anyone with HP G3 ESL experience 
can help.

7.5 environment, separate Media Server that can backup to LTO4 Library and new 
ESL Library.

Problem. Backups over the LAN throughput is really bad going to the LTO5 

To give you an idea, 20 hours to backup 100GB.
I cancel the job, revert backup policy to the LTO4 library, same media server 
and backups of the same capacity done in 2 hours.

I have gone through all settings on the ESL, cannot see anything, found nothing 
to research, but I cannot sustain this sort of throughput!

Yet, I cannot quite understand why this is happening.
Any ideas welcome!

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