From an earlier link I found the information about adding credentials to the 
NetBackup services on the Windows server then restarting.

The question is what do I specify for the absolute path when creating the 
storage unit?   My assumption is it should be the UNC path (e.g. 
\\dedupe-unit\share\subdirectory<file:///\\dedupe-unit\share\subdirectory>) but 
I get a status 83 on  checking properties if I try that or just 
\\dedupe-unit\<file:///\\dedupe-unit\>  or 
\\dedupe-unit\share<file:///\\dedupe-unit\share>.  (Where dedupe-unit is the 
hostname of my deduplication appliance and share is the name of the share I 
created there.)    I’m also assuming this is “BasicDisk” type as that is what I 
use for the NFS shares from the same units.

I’m trying this both with Data Domain and Quantum DXi.

As noted previously I can manually map 
\\dedupe-unit\share<file:///\\dedupe-unit\share> to a drive letter (e.g. X: )  
but that doesn’t make it available.  I also was able to use the “net use …” 
syntax from command prompt with no error but I’m not sure what it shows up as 
after that if I’ve not specified a drive letter with “net use …”.

The mapping was done when I created the share using “Workgroup” rather than AD 
on the dedupe appliance then mapped giving credentials as the user there.   The 
Windows server itself however is in AD rather than Workgroup but a separate 
online post had indicated this mapping would work and as noted above it did for 
manual mapping.

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Good Morning Jeff,

There are several  issues here.

1) we do not know how you are trying to use the mounted filesystem, so we may 
miss some requirement.
2) I have used a nfs mount of  a  filesystem from a NetApp NAS system to a  
windows server with no issues in the past, so that should be doable. Look at 
microsoft support site for info on that.
3) The local netbackup services are run by default with the local "SYSTEM" 
account. This account is a god on the local server, but has zipo privs for 
remote filesystems, at least cifs one's. I have not checked NFS.
4) You can work around issue 3, by using an account that has access to the 
remote cifs mounted filesystem and has access to whatever else it needs on the 
local client. With most clients you can use an account that is in the local 
admin group to enable the backing up the system state for the local server and 
has acl's for the mounted filesystem.
5) You can add a script that is called by net backup's exit for backups and 
restores to test that the remote cifs filesystem is mounted and mount it if is 
6) You can add a service that starts before the netbackup service(s) and mounts 
the remote filesystem on the local system, if you need the remote filesystem to 
be mounted before the netbackup service(s) start.

len boyle

On Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 9:34 AM, Lightner, Jeff 
<<>> wrote:
I have two data deduplication devices that do NAS style shares.   They can do 
NFS or CIFS (or both at same time using different shares).     The NFS shares 
have been there for quite some time and I successfully mount those to various 
HP-UX and Linux servers with no issue.

We need to try to mount to a Windows 2008 R2 server.   Today I got as far as 
being able to login to the Windows server and map the share to a drive letter 
then verify I could read and write from it.

The issue is that CIFS mount:

a)      Is only available to the user I logged in as when I did the map on the 
Windows side.   (This was also true when I had the Windows Admin do it using 
the domain administrative account.)

b)      Is not available to the NetBackup services that were already started 
automatically at boot.   It is these services that will be writing to and 
reading from the mounts for backups.

So my question is how can I setup an automatic mount of a share in Windows at 
boot AND insure that services started will have access to read and write to it?

We did in fact try to enable NFS Services on the Windows server Friday but for 
whatever reason it puked on doing that each time and forced a reboot.    If 
someone knows how to enable that on Windows 2008 R2 as well as how to make a 
mount there persistent (similar to the way it would be if in fstab on 
UNIX/Linux) I’d be happy to go that route instead.

Please don’t point me at links that “might address” this if you haven’t already 
tried them and know they work.  After working most of last week on this I’ve 
not found anything that really solves it in many web searches.

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