A month or so ago we were actually trying to do CIFS on a Windows Media server 
using basic disk from dedupe but never got it really going.  Ultimately we gave 
up on the CIFS setup and converted the media server to Linux.   At the time 
most of the suggestions I saw didn't really work for us.   I did actually get 
one of the dedupe units mounted but couldn't figure out how to make it 
persistent and automatic on a Windows server.   

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Using a 'basic disk' on a dedupe appliance would be fairly simple and limit the 
licences required.  However check the small print, NetBackup used to require a 
higher type of licence to store data on a deduplicating appliance, even if you 
were not using AdvancedDisk or other fancy functionality.

The problem if you use any solution that has a 'Storage Server' (e.g. 
AdvancedDisk or OST) is that the locations are in the form @aaargh and these 
cannot be made to be the same on different master servers, even if they 
actually point to the same storage, or a replica.  As you note it is now not 
easy to go into the image database and edit these settings.  Not totally sure 
of that as it was a problem Symantec were well aware of ~5 years ago, there 
might be tools now.

With a CIFS Basic Disk as you show, the only issue that I have heard of is if 
the local and remote appliances are not part of the same AD forest.   As I 
understand it the replicated files' ACLs have numeric SIDs attached, and if you 
go outside the forest, those SIDs either cannot be resolved or resolve to 
unintended ACEs.  For example Data Domain used to tell you to run the replica 
in Workgroup mode.  However where they are all in the same AD domain (or at 
least forest I think) then the ACLs are fine in the replica.

I'd concur with the comment about compatibility matrices being a minefield as 
you get more vendors involved. However the NetBackup appliances cannot also 
function as 'ordinary' deduplicating NAS which can have some nice uses.

William Brown

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We are currently running 10 GbE from our Linux backup servers to the dedupe 
appliances. The dedupe appliance vendor does charge a significant price for 
their OST compatible license/plugin. It is a one-time license that can be used 
with multiple media servers or even multiple NetBackup domains. But also note, 
the vendor plugin also offloads most of the dedupe process to the media server 
based on the plugin. This significantly reduces the amount of traffic between 
the media servers and the dedupe appliance. But if your media server is low on 
memory or CPU, the plugin could drive you over the top.

The other nice thing with replication to remote sites is easy, and uses very 
little bandwidth. Essentially NetBackup controls the replication but the dedupe 
appliance is actually moving the data - in deduplicated form. This can be done 
using a remote media server to your local NetBackup domain, or it can be done 
with AIR. We do both methods, for various reasons. If you go with AIR and a 
dedupe vendor, you may need to go to NBU 7.6.x. AIR with other vendor's dedupe 
has some limitations based on NBU version.

I think the NBU appliance solution is also very competitive. All forms of 
replication are intrinsically supported. No need to consult the vendor support 
matrix every time you upgrade, or to see if new features are supported. The 
Deduplication is built in, replication via AIR and/or SLP's is supported. The 
appliances have built-in 10 GbE.

Jonathan, as far as your DR solution goes, it should work, other than in your 
DR scenario your appliance is going to contain "copy 2" of the backup. And that 
is dependent on the name of the remote appliance/path is identical to the name 
in your current production setup. If the name has to change in any fashion, you 
might actually have to import all the disk images. I would test the DR 
configuration to be sure.

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We never got OST license here but use Deduplication.    We do it using 10 GB 
Ethernet NFS mounts from the Dedupe appliances on each of our master and media 
servers.    It may not be cheaper in the long run to buy a 10 GB switch and 10 
GB HBAs for every server (although some now come with embedded) than using OST 
(especially if you already have a fibre san).   Here our solution evolved from 
1 GB NFS to the 10 GB with switch so has been done over time.    Both the Data 
Domain and the Quantum DXi dedupe appliances allow for the 10 GB (which runs at 
fibre speeds but does Ethernet instead of SCSi).

My understanding is that most of the Dedupe appliance makers allow you to do a 
setup to wherein you have one (or more) unit(s) on site and similar offsite and 
do background synchronization from the onsite to offsite to avoid having to 
send tapes.   Here we are still doing Dedupe onsite but duplicating to tapes to 
be sent offsite (again because of evolution - we used to backup directly to 

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We are currently running 7.5 on Windows and looking to add deduplication 
appliances as a backup target. Ideally, we would purchase the DPOO (OST/AIR) 
license to keep track of the images as they write locally and then replicate to 
DR, but that may not be a possibility based on budgetary concerns. Without 
getting into the specifics of which deduplication appliances we are looking at, 
I can safely assume that we can use a DSU or DSSU to write to a local CIFS 
target (e.g. \\Prod-Appliance\Backup1 replicated behind the scenes to 
\\DR-Appliance\Backup1). I am looking at a scenario where we use VM replication 
to replicate the master/media servers from Prod to DR. When I bring up this 
master/media in DR, could I use a hostname/DNS alias to make \\Prod-Appliance 
redirect to \\DR-Appliance?

I realize that this is essentially a "poor man's OST/AIR", but this may be the 
path I have to go down due to budgetary constraints. Is anyone doing anything 
similar to this? In previous versions of Netbackup I could crack open the 
catalog files to modify the fragment locations (e.g. E:\Backup --> F:\Backup) 
but it looks like those pointers have all been moved (into the DB?)

Your ideas are appreciated,

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