The Notifier agent can be configured to send SNMP traps and/or email.
See the VCS Bundled Agents Guide for your particular version of VCS and
platform (eg Solaris, AIX, etc.).

The VCS User Guide usually has a chapter called "Administration: Beyond
the Basics", and the first section of that chapter is usually called
"Notification".  This section discusses the use of the Notifier as well.

The MIB that goes with the SNMP traps can be found in
/etc/VRTSvcs/snmp/vcs.mib.  If you are using an SNMP monitoring setup,
this file can be added to the MIB of the SNMP monitoring service.

It is also possible to have third party software parse the UNIX system
logs for VCS error messages and generate alerts.

The latest version of VCS (5.0) has a Cluster Management Console that
can be used to setup a Cluster Management Server, which can be used to
monitor all the clusters in a datacenter (perhaps more, never tried it).

Basically, VCS monitors itself fairly well, but you have to give it
somewhere to send messages.

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we are in the process of implementing VCS 4.0 with SFRAC.  How can one
do a proactive monitoring of the cluster for any faults or changes on
the cluster.

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