100% agree with this recommendation.
There are some corner cases where this may not be possible, such as while rolling OS upgrades, or in cases of one app depending on another, and each app running a different OS version.
In general, keep all identical if possible, and always be aware of added complexity and risk when you do not

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It's better to keep it simple by having the same patch level otherwise (God forbid) if you have an outage in your production environment that's difficult to diagnose then the first thing that other vendors supporting storage etc will point to is your inconsistent patch levels even though they may have nothing to do with the problem.  But that vendors for you!


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13/11/2006 16:04

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Re: [Veritas-ha] HA nodes Patch levels

We follow Jim’s suggestion and keep our kernel patch level the same in our clusters.  The only time they are different is in between the secondary node being patched and the primary being patched, usually 2-3 weeks.  However, we do have a sandbox setup which runs one node running Solaris 10 and the other node running Solaris 8, no issues with that setup, works fine but we wouldn’t do that in a production environment due to best practices.

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Evsyukov, Sergey; veritas-ha@mailman.eng.auburn.edu
Re: [Veritas-ha] HA nodes Patch levels

VCS supports any release and patch level that the version of VCS supports within a single cluster.
So you do not need identical patch levels, or even same OS release.
best practice would be to keep same, but we can easily support multiple versions during upgrades.

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[Veritas-ha] HA nodes Patch levels

Hello colleagues,
We have two nodes for HA cluster installation. They has identical OS version (Solaris 5.9), but different kernel patch level 118558-30 vs. 118558-25.
Is it admissible configuration of cluster or even patch level must be identical?
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