Thanks Jon / Jim! I know you guys don't want to hear this but I write these
agents all the time for Sun Cluster and this is my first request to do one
for VCS. I already have the start / stop / monitor scripts already created
and I just needed the info to incorporate them into the VCS Framework. I
will have to write a clean script after I determine if there are things
like, shared memory, semaphores or lock files that need to be cleaned up. 

Jon - "Agent Developers Guide" huh :-)! Next time I will RTFM.... I will
also read the document Jim sent me. Thanks again!
Fred Butler
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Have you looked at the aptly named 'Agent Developers Guide'? :-)

Or maybe the Application agent does what you need it to do instead?  If
you can provide external scripts to do the online, offline, monitor, and
clean functionality, then that's all that you need... 

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> Team - I need to write a custom agent in VCS and I need to 
> know what manual
> has this information. Or - if someone has some notes on this 
> process they
> would like to share I would be very appreciative.
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