Should have been more clear.

VCS is capable of bringing IP addresses up and down. It uses standard OS
commands to do so (ifconfig in this case). It does not have anything in
the data path at all. 
The only time VCS could possibly be involved is if a failover of a VCS
managed IP address were occurring while you were doing a telnet.

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What address to you telnet to?

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Let me introduce my little connectivity question, maybe VCS-related:

VCS 4.1, 2 Netras 440 with Solaris 10, 5 service groups, one of them is
network. Config files attached. The problem is that often we experience
connectivity delays which are demonstrated for instance by telnet
hold-ups, temporary outages of diameter links and similar, all in
duration of couple of seconds. As soon as it is over, everything goes
back to normal, telnet buffer is emptied, diameter links are up again
automatically etc.

Is there any chance this could have something to do with VCS, or I
should be looking only to Solaris, switch (port) configuration and
ethernet interfaces on my Solaris boxes? I ask this since many boxes are
connected to the same switch, switch ports are uniformly configured, and
still only my machines have trouble with delays. The only differece is
that only my machines have VCS and Solaris 10 -- all the others have
Solaris 8/9 and no VCS.

Sorry if it sounds trivial, I'm just not sure where to start looking


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