I am trying to install VCS 5.0 on a RHEL 4 U4 box but got the  
following error message:

# ./installvcs node1
Undefined subroutine &CPI::pkg::Linux::VRTSpbx::pl_die called at  
scripts/CPI/pkg/Linux/VRTSpbx.pm line 25.

Here is line 25:

pl_die("The 'libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3' compatibility library must be  
installed before you can install the VRTSpbx package.  You can  
install the 'libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3' library by installing the  
'compat' RPM, which you can find on the SuSE OS installation media or  
on the download section of the SuSE/Novell Web site.\nThe following  
systems do not have this library installed:\n\t$fsys");

But the compat library RPMs have already been installed on the box:

# rpm -qa | grep compat

# find / -name libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3 -ls
199946    0 lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root           31 Dec 17 13:20 / 
usr/lib/libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3 -> libstdc++-3-libc6.2-2-2.10.0.so

Has anybody seen this before and know a solution?


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