This is perfectly do-able with VCS 4.1, since 4.1 supports Solaris 8, 9
and 10.

The general procedure at a high level is:

1.  Freeze all service groups
2.  Upgrade an idle node in the cluster
3.  Once the upgraded node reboots and rejoins the cluster, unfreeze the
service groups running on one of the servers and switch it/them to the
upgraded node
4.  Refreeze all service groups
5.  Upgrade the new idle node

Repeat as necessary until all servers are upgraded.


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minimizedowntime ?

I wonder what the right procedure to upgrade a cluster with minimal 
Details: Solaris 8 to be upgraded to 10 with VCS 4.1.

The Admin guide suggests shutting the servers down ( I assume both 
nodes), we'd like to minimize the downtime and risks by upgrading nodes 
one at a time while running application on another node if possible (may

not be as Solaris versions will differ following the first upgrade).
Can we freeze resource groups on one node while upgrading the second 
node? Then, will we be able to failover to the upgraded node with nodes 
on different O/S levels (Solaris 8 -> Solaris 10)?

I realise that Solaris Live Upgrade may be our other option, though disk

space is an issue.


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