But is it even possible to run fencing on a w*dows system?
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Date: 2008-06-12 17:33
Subject: Re: [Veritas-ha] vxfencing >2 nodes

For any cluster larger than 1 node, I/O fencing is highly recommended to
protect data integrity in the event of a split brain.
2 nodes is not in any way more resistant to split brain than 3 nodes or

VCS does not use any form of quorum based membership (quorum has a
number of it's own ugly issues), so there is no difference in how our
membership works when you have 2, 3, or 32 nodes

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Ok, thanks for clarification.

I have seen many clustering products documentation which says that
fencing/quorum is optional/not_required for more than 2 node clusters,
and they says that there is very very less chance of happening split
brain condition for more than 2 node clusters.

-- Shashi

Mayank Vasa wrote:
> Shashi:
> The number of nodes is not a decision making factor for fencing. For a

> cluster greater than 2 nodes, fencing helps to protect your data in
> the case of a split brain scenario.
> SFRAC requires fencing. It is not supported without it.
> Regards,
> + Mayank
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> Subject: [Veritas-ha] vxfencing >2 nodes
> Is vxfencing required if we go for >=3 node cluster ?  Or, vxfencing
> is optional if we go for >=3 node cluster ?
> I am going for 4-node VCS5 SFRAC, still vxfencing required for me ? ,
> does all VCS5 SFRAC modules work properly without vxfencing ?
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