ClusterService is a group that "belongs" to the cluster itself. In most
instances you will find it that way you describe. It also is a great
place for the notifier resource. Normally it is not required. When using
Global Clustering (connecting 2 or more clusters for wide area
failover), the Wide Area Connector process is in the group along with
its IP and NIC resource.


CS has special properties above and beyond normal SGs. It cannot be
frozen, is never autodisabled, and it can failover to a frozen system.


I am not sure why you would put a NIC proxy in it. Perhaps you plan to
put in the NIC and have other SGs use proxies to it. If so, you will not
need the Phantom resource normally in a NIC only SG. The IP and web will
bring the SG online so the Phantom is only required when the only
resource is a NIC (since NIC is not able to bring a SG online by



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I know Cluster service group hosts vcsweb and webip agent but can
somebody exactly explain what the use of Cluster service group.

Would I be ble to shut this down for some maintenance operations/testing
without affecting other service groups and vcs in whole ? Whats the
affect on the system by shutdown of CSG ?

I'm also planning to put an nic proxy group in clusterservice gorup , I
hope this would not be a bad idea as currently only have vcsweb and


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