I haven't really dealt with Veritas support for a while.
We have a Linux 4.1 MP1 to 5.0 whatever the latest MP yet.
The purpose is to primarily to get rid of some trespassing issues that that 
release had with vxdmp on linux exclusively (apparently not solaris). We are 
not using powerpath (array is CX500).

The plan is the following:

We have a 3 node cluster (A B C)
We failover C to B, leaving all resources running on AB We add node D (latest 
RH 4 with latest patches) We remove all VRTS pkgs from node C.
We built a 'test' cluster between C and D with latest software We test for 
trespassing of LUNs during reboots.
After successful testing, we take resources offline on A and B, and copy config 
to C and D and let them take over all the resources. (A &  B get VRTS* 
uninstalled) Then we upgrade (install 5.0) A & B and add to the cluster (can be 
done online, afaik) Fail everything over where it belongs.

Where can we get some support contract #? Apparently they always ask for it, we 
never have it (we've been a customer since like 1999).
Is a temp key easy to get for node D? What's the best source?
Where do we get all the latest patches for 5.0?
Any potential issues with out plan?

Thank you in advance!

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