Thanks to all who helped, Scott, Gene, Jim and Mark Your help was really 

Mark lead me to the issue which was the types.cf file. Our sysadmin was 
back to the office this morning and I had a chat with him regarding the 
cluster installation he made a few days ago for us. He actually 
installed the VERITAS Foundation packages and later installed another 
package that someone provided internally with a pre-defined main.cf but 
also, as I could see, a types.cf file. I am not sure where they took 
this from but the types.cf file that was then introduced was not 
up-to-date with the software version installed and therefore not 
adequate. This explains why all disk-group resources were concerned 
since the underlying definition of that resource-type was incorrect.

I have now spent some time finding and restoring the original types.cf 
and restarted the cluster. The disk-group resources are now probed 

Again, many thanks for your help, that was really appreciated !!

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