Dear Gene,

I got a rough understanding of the RemoteGroup Agent and how is it working.
Actually that's exactly what i need to resolve my problem. But as it is not
easy to upgrade VCS 4.1 to 5.0 on my system, i'm wondering if importing
RemoteGroup type in VCS 4.1 may work. For that purpose, i understand that
for an agent to work in VCS, it needs its type imported in VCS system and
the relying control scripts present as well. Actually, i have first imported
RemoteGroup type from VCS simulator 5.0 into my VCS 4.1 platform, and now i
have RemoteGroup type in my system. What i miss now is RemoteGroup Agent
scripts that take online and offline the remote service group, i.e. i got an
error that "File /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/RemoteGroup/RemoteGroupAgent not found"
when i tried to probe my new RemoteGroup resource. My question is: does this
resource work if i copy and paste RemoteGroupAgent script in the specified
path with all necessary scripts of control of RemoteGroup, and where can i
find these scripts?"

Any Help Will Be So Valued,

Thanks & Regards,
Jeffrey Cooper.
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