Having taught Global Clustering and its predecessor, I would prefer to
see WAC have the ability to failover from one IP to another or make
multiple connections over 2 or 3 IPs for higher redundancy. Keep in mind
that DR is not HA  If the WAC loses the connection, you would get
notification and can fix the problem or online SGs at the remote site as



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Hello all! 

Only WAC now ensures communication between clusters. But it is not
always good.  If WAC is broken  it is still possible to use heartbeats
(through SRDF ping or steward) but there is no other ways of starting
service groups on remote cluster. I don't mean Auto failover option
between clusters which is not recommended by Symantec, 

If steward could handle service group information between clusters .....
It could be really a useful thing! 

Kind regards, Pavel Tsvetkov 

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