Is anybody have an idea how to solve multiple service Group dependencies ?
I have a cluster config with 4 Services groups
- 2 services groups managing each a Solaris  zone and filesystem - one 
"DB" zone Service group  and one "Appl" zone service group.
- 2 Services groups managing the sybase running on the "DB" zone and an 
application running on the "Appl" zone.
The goal is to :
- Starts the Sybase service group when the "DB" zone service group is 
- Starts the application  service group when the "sybase" service group 
and  the "Appl" Zone Service Group is running.
- Stops first  the application  service group when the "DB" or the 
"Appl" zone is stopping.
Such as this kind of config requires multiple Service group link, how 
can I make this kind of link ?

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