Maybe I’m missing something here, but is there a switch connected somewhere in 
the patch panel setup?

Just patch panel connection doesn’t work. They need to be connected to a 
network switch at some point, or crossover connected to each server.


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Sent: 13 July 2011 17:45
Subject: [Veritas-ha] GAB and LLT cabling


Dear List Members,


We are redoing our datacenter wiring to add lots more structure. Within this 
datacenter we have several Windows and Solaris VCS 5.x multinode clusters. 
Currently, the heartbeat (GAB/LLT) switches for these clusters are located 
within the same rack or at most 1 rack distant from the servers they are 
monitoring, and those switches are directly cabled to those servers. 


We are considering consolidating all switches within the network racks, not the 
server racks. This means that the heartbeat switch cabling would attach to a 
rack patch panel, then a 40-foot cable run to the network rack patch panel, 
then to its heartbeat switch.


Does anyone have positive or negative experience with heartbeat switches 
patch-panel-separated from the servers they are monitoring?  In the best of all 
worlds it would be great to have no patch panel connections between server and 
switch, so I'm looking for real world experience with the use of intermediate 
patch panel cabling. Are there capacity or extensibility "gotchas"?  In 
particular, if we grow the clusters to 5 or 6 nodes, will the patch-panel 
approach fail?


Thanks in advance for your comments,


Andy Colb

Investment Company Institute

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