Initially the kernel panic happened with kernel which comes with default RHEL 

Then I thought it may be because of kernel, so I upgraded the kernel to the 
latest available for RHEL 5.6. But still same kernel panic.

Then I upgraded SFHA 5.0 MP4 to MP4 RP1, same issue, then to HF1, then to same 

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Did this occur after apply any os patches by anychance? Kernel patch
2.6.18-308.13.1.el5 specifically.


On 13 Sep 2012, at 19:00, "Boddula, Shashi Kanth (HP-SW-LIT)"
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> RHEL 5.6 64-bit (2.6.18-308.13.1.el5). SFHA 5.0 MP4 RP1 HF1.
> Whenever I bring up a  resource group, the box is getting hanged. On the 
> console I see lot of vxfs specific message along with kernel panic. Please 
> someone help me how can I solve this issue.
> I have installed all latest available patches for 5.0, still the box getting 
> hanged whenever I start a resource group.
> The main installed RPMs.
> VRTSvxvm-common-
> VRTSvxvm-platform-
> VRTSvxfs-common-
> VRTSvxfs-platform-
> Thanks & Regards,
> Shashi Kanth
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