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> Hi Experts,
> Please help me in understanding "How to find out from the "vxprint -ht
> " command output " that a particulart volume is either Mirror , or
> Simple Concate or Raid 5 .
this is a 0+1 volume (striped and then mirrored). Notice it is made of 2
plexes and the size of the volume is the same as the size of the
constituent plexes. (a mirror can also be mirror of 'concat' instead of
mirror of stripe)

v  r5minarc     oss_rvg      ENABLED  ACTIVE   1795686400 SELECT  -
pl r5minarc-01  r5minarc     ENABLED  ACTIVE   1795686400 STRIPE  2/1280
sd Jstor2_0-01  r5minarc-01  Jstor2_0 0        897843200 0/0      c3t1d0
sd Jstor2_1-01  r5minarc-01  Jstor2_1 0        897843200 1/0      c3t1d1
pl r5minarc-02  r5minarc     ENABLED  ACTIVE   1795686400 STRIPE  2/1280
sd Jstor1_0-01  r5minarc-02  Jstor1_0 0        897843200 0/0      c2t0d0
sd Jstor1_1-01  r5minarc-02  Jstor1_1 0        897843200 1/0      c2t0d1

this is a concat. Notice that the size of the volume is the sum of the
sizes of the constituent plexes. Also notice there is only one plex.

v  tvol1        -            ENABLED  ACTIVE   409600   SELECT    -
pl tvol1-01     tvol1        ENABLED  ACTIVE   410238   CONCAT    -
sd v880-0-06    tvol1-01     v880-0   13585942 205119   0
c1t0d0s7 ENA
sd v880-2-02    tvol1-01     v880-2   62916642 205119   205119    c1t2d0

A raid volume will clearly say RAID under usetype. They are easy to tell
from everything else.

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