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Does the syslog shows that vxdmp is disabling paths ?

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Subject: [Veritas-vx] Disabled alternate paths on select luns in shared disk group

I'm having a problem with vxvm disabling only a few luns only on it's alternate path.  This is a shared disk group in a vcs environment.  The other node in the cluster can see both paths fine on all luns.   Since I can see some luns I'm thinking it's not a SAN configuration problem.  However, we've swapped out the fibre card.  Veritas support has been completely useless…they blame the SAN.  Our SAN support says it's fine and I believe them because I have 3 paths to the storage which are perfectly fine.   They've forced the luns down a new storage port and they all show up in an xpinfo after an ioscan and insf.   As soon as vxdctl enable runs and/or vxconfigd is stopped/restarted these 3 luns become disabled and no longer show up in xpinfo but do show up as claimed in ioscan.   Problem devices all show busy .  HELP!


# diskinfo /dev/rdsk/c12t6d2  
diskinfo: can't open /dev/rdsk/c12t6d2: Device busy
(this is the same disk)
# diskinfo /dev/rdsk/c6t6d2        
SCSI describe of /dev/rdsk/c6t6d2:
             vendor: HP     
         product id: OPEN-L*3       
               type: direct access
               size: 106788240 Kbytes
   bytes per sector: 512

# vxdmpadm getsubpaths ctlr=c12
c12t0d1      ENABLED        -        c6t0d1       XP1024       XP10240
c12t0d2      ENABLED        -        c6t0d2       XP1024       XP10240
c12t0d3      ENABLED        -        c6t0d3       XP1024       XP10240
c12t0d4      ENABLED        -        c6t0d4       XP1024       XP10240
c12t0d5      ENABLED        -        c6t0d5       XP1024       XP10240
c12t0d6      ENABLED        -        c6t0d6       XP1024       XP10240
c12t0d7      ENABLED        -        c6t0d7       XP1024       XP10240
c12t1d0      ENABLED        -        c6t1d0       XP1024       XP10240
c12t2d0      ENABLED        -        c6t2d0       XP1024       XP10240
c12t4d0      ENABLED        -        c6t4d0       XP1024       XP10240
c12t4d1      ENABLED        -        c6t4d1       XP1024       XP10240
c12t6d0      ENABLED        -        c6t6d0       XP1024       XP10240
c12t6d1      ENABLED        -        c6t6d1       XP1024       XP10240
c12t6d2      DISABLED       -        c6t6d2       XP1024       XP10240
c12t6d3      DISABLED       -        c6t6d3       XP1024       XP10240
c12t6d4      DISABLED       -        c6t6d4       XP1024       XP10240

# vxdmpadm getsubpaths ctlr=c6
c6t0d1       ENABLED        -        c6t0d1       XP1024       XP10240
c6t0d2       ENABLED        -        c6t0d2       XP1024       XP10240
c6t0d3       ENABLED        -        c6t0d3       XP1024       XP10240
c6t0d4       ENABLED        -        c6t0d4       XP1024       XP10240
c6t0d5       ENABLED        -        c6t0d5       XP1024       XP10240
c6t0d6       ENABLED        -        c6t0d6       XP1024       XP10240
c6t0d7       ENABLED        -        c6t0d7       XP1024       XP10240
c6t1d0       ENABLED        -        c6t1d0       XP1024       XP10240
c6t2d0       ENABLED        -        c6t2d0       XP1024       XP10240
c6t4d0       ENABLED        -        c6t4d0       XP1024       XP10240
c6t4d1       ENABLED        -        c6t4d1       XP1024       XP10240
c6t6d0       ENABLED        -        c6t6d0       XP1024       XP10240
c6t6d1       ENABLED        -        c6t6d1       XP1024       XP10240
c6t6d2       ENABLED        -        c6t6d2       XP1024       XP10240
c6t6d3       ENABLED        -        c6t6d3       XP1024       XP10240
c6t6d4       ENABLED        -        c6t6d4       XP1024       XP10240

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