There is a Time Finder Toolkit, from EMC, that shouldsupports this.
I am not sure if that is still available.

The Storage Foundations 5.0 release supports this natively.

There are ways to do this using the base toolset from any release
of VxVM, but they are more complex (and more error prone) than using
the above two mechanisms.
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On October 19, 2006, FabioZ Zippo wrote:
 >Hi friends,
 >I have the following situation:
 >HostA has 3 STDs devices, configured in a VxVM group, containing an Oracle 
 >HotsB is the host where I will mount BCVs.
 >Using two different TimeFinder groups:
 >Group1 : 3 STDs - 3 BCVs (First copy)
 >Group2 : same 3 STDs - 3 other BCVs (Second copy)
 >I made two different point-in-time copies of that DB.
 >Now, can I mount these two different copies of DB, on the same host (HostB) 
 >using VxVM features?
 >Many thanks,
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