Going a little bit further, I ran into problems initializing vxvm disks
under this situation, the cXtYdZ device (with the Y as the backend FC WWN)
name is rejected by vxvm, I  have to change the naming method to use
enclosure based names for the disks and using the <enclosure

does anyone know why vxvm won't recognize the different cXtYdZ name, does it
have a limit on the length of the Y?

James Zhao

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> > Our plan is to do a fresh install of Solaris 10 U3 and VxVM 5.0 on the
> > box and then import all the other disk groups when the new system is up.
> > Since Solaris 10 includes emulxs driver support for the Emulex HBA's and
> > it would change the disk names to the long naming format (something like
> > c1t5006048ACCD24CC0d86s2). I am wondering how this would affect VxVM,
> > and what would be the best way to proceed with the changes? If anybody
> > could point me to any documents that describes such situation, I'd
> > appreciate it!
> In general, VxVM is immune to any sort of controller/drive renumbering.
> As long as VxVM can "see" all relevant paths, it will discover the
> storage on them, and understand their proper place within the diskgroup.
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