I have not used the Dynamic LUN resizing that comes with the new versions of 
VxVM, but have you used the appropriate OS commands to rescan the device path 
and build device links.  This is a task that would typically be performed after 
growing a LUN on the array side. As Darren pointed out, you could also do a 
reconfigure reboot following the LUN grow too.

I have purposefully left the commands out, as I do not know (w/o rereading this 
whole thread again  :-) )  which OS you're running.


        With this scheme only the resizing is not yet solved. After resizing    
the disk in EVA I've tried 'vxresize', 'vxdisk resize' and 'vxfs/fsadm  -b <n>' 
in the OS but no luck yet. Vxresize and fsadm fail because the  LUN is still 
the old size in the OS and vxdisk resize fails because it  wants to have more 
disks in the disk group.


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> You've got to resize the volume first and then resize the filesystem.  =
> vxresize should work.

True, but 'vxresize' does not resize the LUN, which is what the OP is
discussing.  You have to either use dynamic lun resizing (VxVM 4.1 or
higher), or you have to fiddle around with things (remove the disk,
resize the disk in the OS (possibly involving redoing the disk label),
re-initialize the disk, replace the volume layout).  

It's rather tedious and a bit scary if you're not using lun resizing.

> Having said that, I have no idea what an EVA is?

It's HP's "mid-range" line of SAN arrays.

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