For the disk that doesn't exist anymore I see:

c3::50001fe15005e90a,11        unavailable  connected    configured   unusable

c3::50001fe15005e90c,11        unavailable  connected    configured   unusable

So only two paths of 8 are still hanging there.


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what kind of output do you get with?

# cfgadm -o show_FCP_dev -al


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Yes, in a way it's present as I don't disconnect the whole SAN :). I just do 
the normal device removal process (umount fs, remove volume from the disk group 
etc) and finally unpresent it from the SAN.

What makes this odd is that sometimes the removal works just fine. 

On a slow day when there's not much action in the server I've tried disabling 
all paths for the other of the two adapters with cfgadm but the paths stay 

Long time ago means a few months ago but during this uptime.


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> I suppose this is because the device paths don't get cleaned even with 
> devfsadm -C.

Close.  'devfsadm -C' removes device files if the *device* is gone.
However in your case the device is still present (but no longer connected to 

How a device is handled depends on your storage driver(s).  Some can handle 
removal without a reboot, some can't.

Best would be if you could go in with cfgadm and disable the storage.

> However the devices definitely don't exist anymore. I've deleted the 
> disk from the SAN long time ago.

I think the Solaris device does still exist in the kernel and storage driver.  
Does "long time ago" mean before or after the last reboot?

> How would you remove the dangling device entries (without rebooting) 
> if devfsadm -C doesn't clear them? The server has Sol8 + VxVM5.0.

You have to ask the device driver to do it, and there's no global way of 
asking.  'cfgadm disable ...' would be the usual way for a recent Sun-supplied 
san driver.

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