does any body has procedurefor breaking the rootdg mirror and
remirroring the same through coammnd line .

Bharat Rohera

On 8/3/07, Doug Hughes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Biju Krishnan wrote:
> > Hi doug and members,
> >
> > Say if I support a environment remotely and I need to keep the mirror
> > safe, I mean I do not have the option of pulling the disk out, is
> > there a way out.
> >
> > If yes can you help me with the link or give clues to find the answer.
> >
> > Regards,
> Dana had the details. It will keep it safe just to disassociate it.
> However, if you need to boot from it, you basically have to set back the
> vfstab and system falls to pre-vxvm state and redo all the vxvm rootdg
> stuff to make it work again. Tedious, but not impossible. (I highly
> recommend having a serial console server if you don't already. ;)
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