After a short connection loss at the SAN I got some write errors and


dg cd_data01dg  default      default  10000    1175087864.68.mdr-cadmium


dm cd_data01dg01 c3t50001FE15005E90Dd9s2 auto 65536 629047040 NOHOTUSE

dm cd_data01dg02 c3t50001FE15005E90Cd8s2 auto 65536 209616640 FAILING

dm cd_data01dg03 c4t50001FE15005E908d10s2 auto 65536 1048477440 NOHOTUSE


v  DATA01       -            ENABLED  ACTIVE   838662144 SELECT   -

pl %2           DATA01       ENABLED(SPARSE) TEMPRM 629047040 CONCAT -

sd cd_data01dg03-02 %2       cd_data01dg03 209615104 629047040 0
c4t50001FE15005E908d10 ENA

pl DATA01-01    DATA01       ENABLED  ACTIVE   838662144 CONCAT   -

sd cd_data01dg01-01 DATA01-01 cd_data01dg01 0  629047040 0
c3t50001FE15005E90Dd9 ENA

sd cd_data01dg03-01 DATA01-01 cd_data01dg03 0  209615104 629047040
c4t50001FE15005E908d10 ENA


One disk failing.


But it's working just like before. What's failing then?


The timing is convenient though; I'm moving all the stuff on only one
big slice and removing the rest of the slices from the dg thus leaving
only one slice per disk group, and this is the last disk that has more
than one slice.


However I'd like to fix the failing disk just in case this happens in
the future to a volume where there's only one slice. Any ideas how to do
it without stopping the volume?





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