You should check failover policies and settings on the array side. 

DMP will adjust them automatically - depending on it's ASL support.


Jim Senicka <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: No setup required. DMP figures it all out

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I am a little new to vertias volume manger. I have a problem with
understanding multipathing concept and VxVm. As far as I have read

DMP is enabled by default. Volume Manager detects multipath systems with
the Universal Worldwide Device Identifiers (WWD IDs) and manages
multipath targets, such as disk arrays, which define policies for using
more than one path.

I wanted to ask if there is any additional steps(with vxdmpadm) that I
have to take for a system with 2 hba and 2 fiber switches or volume
manager understands that 4 paths are the same (from wwd ids) and sets up
evertything by itself?

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