I would setup additional mirror plex. Once it sunchronized you can shut 
exchange down while you break off the mirror then restart it (2 minutes to type 
etc). Once you have detached the plex you can then split the dg , deport the 
new dg and remove the disks. No vvr required. Vvr is handy for not moving disks 
around but if you take the drives in hand...
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I am trying to replicate an Exchange and SQL, the Exchange servers volume is 
2TB in size, the SQL servers volume is 650GB. So the following steps worked for 
the SQL database but died on the Exchange and I am hoping someone can help me 
recover my snap plexes. The snapshot on the exchange server tooks roughly 32 
hours to run, its not really an option to run it again.
so we create our snapshots with:
vxassist -g vvr_dg snapstart volume1
vxassist -g vvr_dg snapstart volume2
then we create our checkpoint
vxrvg -g vvr_dg checkpt1 checkstart vvr_rvg
then we break off the mirror with snapstart.
vxrvg -g vvr_dg -P snap snapstart EXCH_RVG
(Now this procedure worked fine on the SQL server and i could split the disk 
groups and deport them to move the disks to the other site. However on the 
EXCHANGE server this command failed and the Veritas Services died and needed to 
be restarted in Service manager)
When we restart the service, it has lost all the data on the snapstarted disks, 
ie they read as 0% full raw online disks. Trying to run the snapstart again 
yields the following error:
EXCH_RDS Snapshot failed on RVG EXCH_RVG,  Recommended action: Make sure that 
each datavol has atleast one snapstarted plex associated with it and that the 
snapshot mirror is syncronized.
Any idea how i can get my snapstarted plexes back without waiting another 
weekend to try this again?

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