The swap usage type is not supported on CDS format disks.  The same
goes for root.  From what I can tell in the source code, it looks
like swap was inadvertently assumed to have the same constraints as
the 'root' usage type, which requires support for a mapped
underlying partition directly under the subdisk, which we don't
support with CDS format disks.  This is needed to support booting
of root, but probably isn't technically needed with swap devices
(though the primary swap device requires it in order to support kernel
panic dumps).

The error message could certainly be better.

You would not have encountered this message if swap had been completely
removed.  The command:

   # vxassist -g big0 maxsize usetype=foobie

results in:

   Maximum volume size: 147642368 (72091Mb)

So, in most ways, the usage type has no effect on this command at all.
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On September 18, 2007, Sebastien DAUBIGNE wrote:
 >Trying to make a volume with swap usetype triggers the following error 
 >on VxVM 4.0 MP2 :
 ># vxassist -g g3700  maxsize usetype=swap
 >VxVM vxassist ERROR V-5-1-752 No volume can be created within the given 
 >Same command with fsgen usetype works fine :
 ># vxassist -g g3700  maxsize usetype=fsgen
 >Maximum volume size: 2239895552 (1093699Mb)
 >Should I conclude that the swap usetype has been removed starting from 4.0 ?
 ># modinfo | grep vx
 > 35  13d3067  28f54 250   1  vxdmp (VxVM 4.0R_p4.7 (MP2): DMP Drive)
 > 36 780ca000 1cf418 257   1  vxio (VxVM 4.0R_p4.7 (MP2) I/O driver)
 > 38 782794d8    847 266   1  vxspec (VxVM 4.0R_p4.7 (MP2) control/st)
 >141 7860b134    c23 267   1  vxportal (VxFS 4.0_REV-MP2f portal driver)
 >142 78462000 165c95   8   1  vxfs (VxFS 4.0_REV-MP2f,116689-02 (Su)
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