We've been using Veritas Volume Manager, filesystem, and Cluster for a while.
And we have the FlashSnap license so that we can use the "snapshot" features.

But we haven't used "snapshots" yet.
I think it would be helpful for us to do so.
But I'm a little concerned about using what is to us a new method, especially 
on a Production system.

What are other people's experiences with "online snapshots"?

How difficult/complex are they?

Are they difficult to troubleshoot in case something goes wrong with them?

Is there a way to convert a snapshot into a regular volume (nothing left of the 
snapshot stuff)

Ideas on ways to get up-to-speed with snapshots and migrate their use into 
Production critical systems?

If I had a quick backout in case
 things went very wrong with a volume that used snapshots, I'd feel better 
about using them. But I don't right now.
Any ideas here are welcome.

Also, how is Veritas Support when it comes to problems with Snapshots?
know Veritas Support is very good, but I've never really discussed
snapshots with them. And I don't know how many customers use snapshots
or whether Veritas Support staff have as much experience with snapshots
as they do with regular Volume Manager issues.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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