On Sun, Mar 02, 2008 at 12:25:26PM -0600, Asim Zuberi wrote:
> The reason I am enquiring the details of the encapsulation process is
> because of capturing Solaris Zones under VxVM 
> control. To make Solaris Zones part of VxVM every time a zone is created,
> making it impossible to reboot the physical
> system so often. So we're looking into options where a reboot of the
> physical can be avoided. 

I'm missing something here.  Why would you need to encapsulate to create
a zone?  Are you trying to hand a VxVM volume to the zone for some
reason (rather than export the filesystem with lofs)?

I would normally expect to create a volume and install the zone onto it
with no need to encapsulate anything.

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