In any case installfs -configure should b ok to run without causing problems to 
your current setup


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There is none management server. It is already standalone. However, vea could 
not be done. I will check vpal and vxsvc daemons. Standalone configuration may 
be wrong. FQHN may not be given during the installation for vea. I am not sure 
I will check it. Due to that, I need to change the names for vea As far as I 
know, I can do it via sfinstall –configure.





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You do not have to run installfs –configure if you only want to change the way 
to connect with the gui.

There is a migration script, you can migrate from standalone to managed, also 
you can migrate to a different SFM Server and
you can migrate from managed to standalone.

Whatever your needs are, the examples on how to do it are in the Administrators 
Guide for SFM Manager.

Anyway, the script will reside in /opt/VRTSmh/bin 

For example, if you wan

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