Hi all,

After a serious Storage Problem (one Symmetrix Box was offline after a power
issue) we had vx issues on several Veritas Clusters (5.0SP1)

We managed to get them all online again but on one system, 2 diskgroups are
no longer in the configuration obviously...

Has anybody expirienced something similar and has anybody got an idea about
how to get to work with such a situation..


[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~# vxdisk -o alldgs list
DEVICE       TYPE            DISK         GROUP        STATUS
c0t0d0s2     auto:none       -            -            online invalid
c0t1d0s2     auto:none       -            -            online invalid
emcpower0s2  auto:cdsdisk    -            (aaadata_dg) online
emcpower1s2  auto:cdsdisk    -            (xxxdata_dg) online
emcpower2s2  auto:cdsdisk    -            (xxxdata_dg) online
emcpower3s2  auto:cdsdisk    -            (aaaredo_dg) online
emcpower4s2  auto:cdsdisk    -            (aaaarch_dg) online
emcpower5s2  auto:cdsdisk    -            (aaaadmin_dg) online
emcpower6s2  auto:cdsdisk    -            (xxxarch_dg) online
emcpower7s2  auto:cdsdisk    -            -            online invalid
emcpower8s2  auto:cdsdisk    -            -            online invalid
emcpower9s2  auto:cdsdisk    -            (aaadata_dg) online

The missing groups would be

Xxxredo_dg and xxxadmin_dg

EMC says that the disks are all right, however I have not yet seen such a

VXVM 5.0 MP1
VXCS 5.0 MP1

To me it looks like the config was somehow corrupted and these 2 disks do no
longer appear under VXVM control.

Thanks for any hints


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