I have a lun serviced by mutliple paths .I had to disable one path for 
reconfiguration purpose,since I longer need it.I disabled the controller c10 
and I still get 5 paths with one path as NONAME device.

How can i remove the NONAME without a reboot?

Even vxdmpadm iostat command throws error because of the NONAME

# vxdmpadm iostat show dmpnodename=c10t1d7s2 interval=5 count=10
VxVM vxdmpadm ERROR V-5-1-8668 Invalid argument.

# vxdisk list c10t1d7s2
Device:    c10t1d7s2
devicetag: c10t1d7
type:      auto
hostid:    eudrusadb
disk:      name=index-vol2-1a-r5-3d id=1200522371.26.eudrusadb
group:     name=eudbdg id=1200521182.23.eudrusadb
info:      format=sliced,privoffset=1,pubslice=4,privslice=3
flags:     online ready private autoconfig autoimport imported
pubpaths:  block=/dev/vx/dmp/c10t1d7s4 char=/dev/vx/rdmp/c10t1d7s4
privpaths: block=/dev/vx/dmp/c10t1d7s3 char=/dev/vx/rdmp/c10t1d7s3
guid:      -
site:      -
version:   2.1
iosize:    min=512 (bytes) max=2048 (blocks)
public:    slice=4 offset=0 len=877920256 disk_offset=98304
private:   slice=3 offset=1 len=81663 disk_offset=16384
update:    time=1210623926 seqno=0.12
ssb:       actual_seqno=0.0
headers:   0 248
configs:   count=1 len=60250
logs:      count=1 len=9128
Defined regions:
 config   priv 000017-000247[000231]: copy=01 offset=000000 enabled
 config   priv 000249-060267[060019]: copy=01 offset=000231 enabled
 log      priv 060268-069395[009128]: copy=01 offset=000000 enabled
Multipathing information:
numpaths:   5
NONAME          state=disabled  type=primary
c12t0d7s2       state=enabled   type=primary
c13t4d7s2       state=enabled   type=secondary
c1t203400A0B8325F42d7s2 state=enabled   type=primary
c2t203500A0B8325F42d7s2 state=enabled   type=secondary

# vxdmpadm getsubpaths ctlr=c10
NONAME       DISABLED   PRIMARY      c12t0d0s2    FLEXLINE           -
NONAME       DISABLED   SECONDARY    c1t2d4s2     FLEXLINE           -
NONAME       DISABLED   SECONDARY    c12t0d5s2    FLEXLINE           -
NONAME       DISABLED   SECONDARY    c12t0d2s2    FLEXLINE           -
NONAME       DISABLED   PRIMARY      c12t0d6s2    FLEXLINE           -
NONAME       DISABLED   PRIMARY      c12t0d1s2    FLEXLINE           -
NONAME       DISABLED   SECONDARY    c12t0d3s2    FLEXLINE           -
NONAME       DISABLED   PRIMARY      c10t1d7s2    FLEXLINE        -

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