I've spent days trying to find a good solution to this problem.  I'm
actually close to calling support :)

I'm using Storage Foundation (5.0, MP1, RP4, on Solaris 10 U5) with
NetBackup to back up LUNs on an EMC CX500 using snapshots.  Everything
works fine, except that when I do a 'vxdctl enable' or a 'vxdisk scandisks',
vxdmp freaks out on my inactive snapshots and causes my production LUNs
to trespass, which is causing all sorts of problems.

I've tried 'vxdisk offline' on the inactive ones, 'vxdmpadm disable' on the
paths to the inactive ones, etc. to no avail.  I'm almost ready to automate
the addition/removal of the snapshots from the storage group that the backup
server is in on the EMC, but that seems ridiculous to have to do.  Is there
a way that I can get vxdmp to ignore devices that I don't currently care

Thanks in advance,

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