Hi James,
not sure about 2.4, but 3.5 and above has option 14 in the vxdiskadm
menu which sounds right up your alley.
failing that, the vxassist move option might do the same.
So, at a guess, something like:
vxassist -g tooldwnld-dg move tooldwnld \!d012 disk24
(please dont use that command without further investigation and testing)
It also looks like vxsd mv option can also move subdisks.  That one
looks simplier to understand than my vxassist command.
I'd be more confortable with option 14 from vxdiskadm though.
Hope this helps,


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Doug, From an address without the confidentiality trailer.

I have a question for the list regarding vxunreloc or something similar
for veritas volume manager 2.4.
I have a volume as shown below that is mirrored on 2 arrays c0 and c2,
with 1 plex on each array. I had a failed disk, disk24 (c2t15)and hot
relocation replaced it with d012 shown below as c0t1d2. This is not good
because c0t1d2 is on the on the wrong array. So the plex is not properly
mirrored since now if the c0 array goes down, the volume will have no
valid plex.

I replaced the failed disk which was disk24 (c2t1d5) and veritas now
sees it again.
I do not believe there is a vxunreloc available for vxvm 2.4.

So my question is how can I relocate the stripe now contained on d012
(c0t1d2) back to disk24 (c2t1d5) so I can have all the stripes for this
plex on the same array?

Also do I have to take the volume offline to do this first? I would not
think so since the plex on c0 will not be modified.

Thank you

v  tooldwnld    fsgen        ENABLED  ACTIVE   70000000 SELECT    -
pl tooldwnload-01 tooldwnld  ENABLED  ACTIVE   70713981 STRIPE    4/32
sd disk29-01    tooldwnload-01 disk29 0        17678493 0/0       c0t2d3
sd disk30-01    tooldwnload-01 disk30 0        17678493 1/0       c0t2d4
sd disk42-01    tooldwnload-01 disk42 0        17678493 2/0       c0t3d2
sd disk43-01    tooldwnload-01 disk43 0        17678493 3/0       c0t3d3
pl tooldwnld-02 tooldwnld    ENABLED  ACTIVE   70713981 STRIPE    4/32
sd d211-01      tooldwnld-02 d211     0        17678493 0/0       c2t1d1
sd disk35-01    tooldwnld-02 disk35   0        17678493 1/0       c2t2d2
sd d012-01      tooldwnld-02 d012     0        17678493 2/0       c0t1d2
ENA  -- used to be disk 24, c2t1d5
sd disk37-01    tooldwnld-02 disk37   0        17678493 3/0       c2t2d4

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